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"oona ocean-storm" of island to island, blizzard-born turned wash-a-shore. ig: @oonatempest

Art is (the) atmosphere.

Work hard + hard work > a lifetime;

There is such joy that resides in such a time and space; in the stillness of diligence;

in what transformations follow.

一生懸命 isshokenme

一期一会 ichi-go-ichi-e

渋い shibui

One life, one dedication.

This website serves as a visual scrapbook of things that have been made over time.

⤳ P R E S S

Jul 2015

VICE MUNCHIES: The Sushi Chef: Oona Tempest & Toshio Oguma

(Apr 2016 James Beard Award WINNER for Video Webcast On-Location)

Dec 2015

ZAGAT: Why Are There No Female Sushi Chefs?

Mar 2016

EATER: SHOKUNIN: Ep 1: Apprentice

May 2016

YEN Magazine (AU): Vol #83 The Creative Issue

Jun 2016

ZAGAT: 30 Under 30 NYC

⤳ H O L D S

BFA from SVA Visual & Critical Studies // Honors Dept.

 (( Japanese Aesthetic & Cultural Theory Focus ))


One cannot learn to experience the seasons,

without first respecting them.

Humility and gratitude is appreciation

for their forceful magnitude

and delicate somber sobriety -- 

little by little,

little by.